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Margaret Rush | Million Little Things

Million Little Things RVA is the brain-child of Margaret Reynolds Rush, a life-long consummate organizer and professional administrator – I have a paralegal certificate and an MBA; I’ve worked in banking, insurance, finance, real estate, advertising, and non-profits, all in administerial positions. I am unflappable in the face of chaos! I possess a “Trivial Pursuit” sort of mind, juggling multiple responsibilities and bits of information. A single parent to 2 boys in college, and 2 dogs of uncertain breed and very sweet demeanor. Little things can seem just that – little things, but all require some degree of attention, and when ignored, those little things become unwieldy big things. That’s where Million Little Things RVA comes in – let me sweat your small stuff, so you can pay attention to the things you do best.

How can I help you get control of your Million Little Things?

1009 Catherine St

Richmond , VA 23220

Phone: (804) 539-1713