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Awesomesauce Photography

It all started with a camera.

Early in childhood, my dad bestowed upon me my first camera. A professional photographer back in the film days of the 70 & 80’s, he owned a studio in downtown Richmond. Due to his perfectionism, I was his only assistant. He put the first camera in my hands around age 3, and my mom still tells stories of how I would line up stuffed animals and tell them to say “cheese”.

In high school, I went on to receive several accolades for my work and even served as photographer for both the newspaper and yearbook. I worked as an assistant wedding photographer in college and upon graduation, decided to pursue my other love (Interior Design!) at a landscaping firm. It was there that I was fortunate to leverage both my creativity and organization skills.

I’m a habitual doodler and the walls in my home go through colors like a year goes through seasons – if that isn’t evidence enough, my friends are convinced that my camera is surgically attached to my side (thus, the nickname “Mamarazzi”)! After several years, I felt the tug to pursue photography full time. It has been, after all, my first true love.

To me, there is something innately magical about looking at photos. Whether it’s my son’s chocolate-smeared face or opening presents on Christmas morning (any other moment to reference?) I find it incredible how a photograph can take you back to a certain moment in time, recalling all of the little details that made it so extraordinary.

My photos are my story. Life is not always about happy, smiling faces (although it should be!) and my photos show the unforgettable moments that connects us from one day to the next. They remind us of the happiness, the nervousness, or even the sadness that we feel – which, altogether, is the beauty of life. This is why I consider myself a lifestyle photographer, capturing and documenting real-life events or situations from an artistic perspective.

Glen Allen, VA 23060

Phone: (804) 627-1729